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Renew Technologies (Pty) Ltd


Company Bio: Renew has a wealth of experience in landfill and biogas delivery. Renew offers “turn-key” skid-mounted gas management and delivery solutions that can be connected to the gas source and deliver conditioned gas for utilisation. Technology involved in this process includes | Spiral folded steel AD and bulk storage tanks | Membrane gas holders | Gas flares | Gas chillers/dehumidifiers | Gas conditioning equipment to remove Sulphur and Siloxanes in landfill and biogas | Gas blowers/boosters to increase gas delivery pressure | Continuous gas analysers, flow meters & safety equipment – critical to plant operation, monitoring and CDM |. In addition to the supply of equipment, Renew can add excellent value to any biogas and landfill gas project by means of oversight and assistance in mitigating potential issues that arise during project implementation.
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